They Are Sending Him Back to the Boat. What Next?

After a year of dating, the Navy is sending my boyfriend back to the boat. He will be 10 hours away from me and I don't know what to do next. To start, I went into complete shock when I heard about this. It was the worst feeling and I hope to never experience anything like that again.

On one hand, I would love to be with him and think a change may be interesting. On the other, I would be leaving my best friend (she's like family), a job and a town I love and a place that I've lived for 8 years.

Has anyone been through something similar? I am just so confused and hurting right now (as is my boyfriend) and am interested to hear if anyone has had similar experiences. Many thanks.

Luna2121 Luna2121
1 Response Aug 20, 2009

Aw im sorry you have to experience this, my fiance is still in training and it freaks me out all the time to hear that he's going to be deployed later. With me, i want to leave and be with him and i choset to stay cause i have school here and i have my mom and my niece that i need to take care of, and so i stay in my hometown waiting for him to come back and we communicate and talk on the phone and fly out to see each other all the time. If you relationship is strong as it should be and if your friends and family are understanding then i think whatever choice you make, you'll be happy and satisfied with your choice. I'm sure this doesn't help as much, but it helps a lot when everyone around you is understanding and will stick by ur side by whatever decision you make. : )