Just Starting Out

Okay so I'm 18 and my boyfriend is at boot camp and we're already talking about marriage and how i could go wherever he gets based at, yet i'm not sure if i want to get married so soon but i can't do long distance relationship, its already hard enough that he's at boot camp with limited communication i love the guy but im not sure what to do. any ideas, thoughts or comments any one?

mtran101 mtran101
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3 Responses Oct 22, 2009

i know it's hard, but she's right, it only gets harder. but your love will grow SO strongly because of it, don't give up, okay? i promise it'll all be worth it. that first kiss after months of not seeing each other, the letters, the phone calls. it'll just make your love so high you'll be completely infatuated and so devoted to each other and it'll definitely, definitely be worth it. keep your chin up!

Thank you Kelliiiii for your advice. yeah i've been talking to my boyfriend and we're just going to wait after he gets out of A school to figure out what we're gonna do, but i think i will marry him . when he pops the questions :D

Well I'm sorry to say this, but it's going to get harder. Being in a military relationship, you dinfinetly have to make sure you can handle it because you will go days and weeks on end without talking to each other. You won't know if he's okay or not. It's hard. Very hard. But it's so worth it. This consists of a lot of long distance unless you two do get married and you can move with him. Good luck sweetie and remember this is worth it. Being with a military man is the hardest but the best thing in my life. They never stop amazing you and making you so proud. So stick in there okay.