Well My boyfriend is out of the army for good.  He came home!!! he is done with his term and I could not be the happiest person ever.  but there has been more problems that i have had before.  He is in 4 classes in the summer, and he is having back problems, hearing problems and communicating with me has been the hardest.  We still live far away and I just don't get it.  I had this dream that one day we would be so much closer and i would not have to worry about him every day.  He never had to go to deployment but I just don't get it.  is it me.  What should i do I am just not happy.  I have moved to a new place my self and don't have any friends so it is really hard for me.   He is being sent to all these doctors appt. and it worries me he said that it is all about the veterans health insurance.  Can someone please explain it.  I just don't get everything what should i do.  I am crying right now wishing that I could just tell him how i felt but he does not want to hear it at 2 in the morning.   
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Maybe he is adjusting to being back at home and the complications of his health problems are changing his personality.I am sorry that things are not working out the way you would like for it to.I recently moved as well and have no family or friends here so i know how stressful that feels when you just want support.You are going to have to sit down with him and tell him how you feel.You are not in this relationship alone and should not be made to shoulder each problem alone.Your bf not feeling well is not a good enough excuse for him to not care about how you are doing,his plate may be full at the moment and he is overwhelmed,you two definitely need to talk.Hang in there and find within the relationship whats making you happy or why you endure to be with him.I am at my breaking point with being alone.So i know having him home and still him not being there has to be worse.If u need to talk u can email me i also have a fb,hang in there,hope this helps,stay strong.