Worth The Wait.

I'm 17 and i am in love with a soldier. I never understood why it was always said the strongest of women are the ones who stand behind a soldier. I now know. People always ask me how do i do it? I simply say because I love him. They ask is it hard? Well of course. That question is perhaps one of the most irritating to hear btw. I mean yes the distance is hard, the worry is hard, and the sacrifices are hard but loving him... its the easiest thing i've ever done. I still find it funny how i get a rush of butterflys everytime i see an army sticker or a soldier in uniform that's home for the weekend,because it makes me think of my man. But now i am about to see just how strong I truely am because my boyfriend has been stationed in Germany and with me about to go off to college, it will be some time before we see each other next. But if i've learned one thing about a military man, it's that they're worth the wait.
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wish you good luck for your relationship with him

My boyfriend just left for Korea and it's a whole new step in our relationship. I couldn't agree more with you saying loving him is the easiest thing you've ever done. It's so hard to say goodbye but it's so worth the wait.

I have started a facebook page for all military girlfriends and wives to show support for each other :) https://www.facebook.com/militarygirlfriends.wives

I understand what you are going through, feel free to email me!