Ninth And Tenth Letters!

Well this morning was freaking insane! Work was so busy we're completely booked and there were at times 100+ people in our tiny little restaurant for breakfast we even had to open up 106 for over flow. We never have to open up 106 in the mornings! So work went by so slow because i had to put off a lot of extras till last. So i finally get done with work and go and relax next to the work computer and I check my Facebook. I see that i have a notification from his mom. I see Shane had called her today. I'm happy that he listened to me about the call rules between us. He is to call his mom first if he has time to call his dad and if he has more time and only if he has time to call me. He only got five minutes which wouldn't have worked because i was still working and its was just so crazy trying to work around people i would have missed his call anyway. So i relied to her status and she said sorry but he told me to tell you hi and he misses me. I was happy that she got to talk to him but of course a part of me was wishing I got to talk to him. But after I left work I left to go home and i had got out of my car and i heard one of my neighbors say my name. They asked me if i go to school somewhere and I said i'm going to. They told me why they asked and i said goodbye and i checked the mailbox because i got home way after the mailman had come through. I started jumping in circles because i had received two letters from him. I never get two letters at one time from him. My dad had saw me come in and he asked about my day and he told me about his. I opened both letters while listening to him. After we finished talking i read both of them. He is doing well. He misses me and can't wait to go to AIT. He goes there August 8th. Well i better head out i have to baby sit my cousins in 45 mins!
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My boyfriend goes to AIT on August 8th too! Where is your bf at for bootcamp?

So does mine. Hes at Fort Jackson then leaves to Fort Sam Huston He won't come home. So it will be december until i see him