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Heres my story. My boyfriend is currently in the United States Army. Finished basic in April, currently at AIT at Fort Gordon, GA. Hardest thing about our situation. We've always been apart, and we're still apart. We were friends before dating. We're extremely close even though we havent physically spent time together. I miss him like crazy. We talk as much as possible. Sometimes it's only 5 minutes. Sometimes it's 2 hours. It's never long enough. Its hard on me scheduling our calls around his craz ever changing schedule. But I cherish evey moment of his free time and if I can I'll spend all of it with him if I'm not working and if something on his end doesn't come up. But regardless, I make sure to text and call everyday evenif he can't respond so he knows I'm thinking of him. I love him very much. I'm not going anywhere, there for him through triumphs and struggles. No matter what may happen. It's him and I, he'll always have me there to support him. Hard only getting 30 minutes to talk when we used to webcam and talk everyday. But we'll make it through. <3 I miss you so much.

Forever in my heart
Always on my mind
Te amo mi amor
Para siempre

Don't know whered I'd be without you. So proud of you my love. Not a day goes by I'm no thinking of you.

I love you so much.
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4 Responses Jul 2, 2012

My man should be back around the same time. Late October most likely. I miss him so much!

Let's fat forward time pretty please? :)

Lol yes please! :)

Miss him like crazy.

He finishes between mid sept and early October.

well thats great! almost there!

Wonderful sayings :) when does he get done with AIT?