It's Been Awhileish.

Well it's been a little over a week since i got his two letters. Which is fine, i know he is in blue phase right now and is in the field doing field training so I know he won't be able to for awhile. But this weekend was fun, i had gotten to go see his mom earlier in the week along with his brother. We had my mom's surprise party yesterday which went awesomely. Now finally winding down after last nights free for all crying match between my four year old cousin and his sister that lasted until 00:38. They didn't have a nap AT ALL that day and they just wouldn't stop. But now finally peace and quiet, had a great day with my mom and sister minus the bit of an embarassing accident that happened to me. A lot of fun talked and it was fun getting to talk about Shane (Drew) yesterday, it's so funny how my aunts ask about him and how he is doing and have i gotten any letters lately. It really makes me smile that they are behind me in all of this. I texted his mom earlier today about how someone was. I got a good reply back. For tuesday i leave to go down for the night to Omaha. I have a 05:30 flight on wednesday to Chicago for a doctors appt. I hope everything goes as planned. If not well then we won't be too happy. But For now I'm cuddling up in my blankets, his pillow and his letters for the night. Couldn't ask for a better night under the circumstances.
CulinaryChick CulinaryChick
18-21, F
Jul 8, 2012