Good News!!!

So I've told like a million people that I know this, but none of them get it.
My boyfriend who I haven't seen since December just got approved for leave and will be coming home August 16th of NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!
Everybody that I've talked to about it says 'oh he's only going to be home for 11 days'
UHH are you on crack!? ONLY 11 days is going to mean the world to me and be the highlight of my whole year.
Everybody says 'don't wish your summer away' but, I'm hoping July gets done and over with quick. 4 and a half more weeks! :))
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2012

I know right screw everyone else. YOu get 11 days with him!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy them and so happy you get to see him!

I know exactly what you mean! The most time I've spend with my bf is 4 days .. & those four days are worth every sec. I wait! Cherish the time you get with him... It always seems to go too quick. Goodd luck! (: