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12th Letter

WEll got the tweveth letter today and also my bill for college and well that just wiped out my saveings. So i'm screwed. ****** A. And also I won't be able to hear from him for three weeks nor can i send him letters because he can't get them idk Somedays i have trouble reading his writing but He said he loved me but it was like he was sending a mass letter saying i love you all and cant wait to see you all. Idk Right now i'm pretty pissed that its almost doubled what i owed to pay last time that is because of my ******* major. Gah!!!!! which means guess who won't becoming home besides holidays and one weekend that i already have planned to come home. this girl. I which makes me pretty upset that i didn't qualify for work study but my siblings did when they went to college. So i may not even get to second semester because **** idk if i can even afford it. its like a double shot to the chest not getting to hear from him for three weeks and possibly not getting to go to second semester again because of ******* money. ****!
CulinaryChick CulinaryChick 18-21, F Jul 13, 2012

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