Realized How Lucky I Really Am!

I just realized how lucky really am. You know you hear people say how much they don't like their s/o's family and how they don't get along at all. Or how they don't like your s/o or vise versa. With our families yeah we're far from the normal family but we get along with each other. I kinda realize that it's more with me with his family than him with mine but my family asks about him almost every time i see them. They have yet to meet him. Well my sister, brother, grandparents aunts ect. My parent's have met him. Funny story we met through each others parents. I met his mom through my dad which in turned met him and he met me through my dad so really we bipassed the whole awkward meet the parents deal thing. So i'm really close with his family. It's fun because i can just go over and she doesn't care I go over and play with their dog and spoil him. His mom is so amazing and she is so strong she has to be. All of her boys were in the service two still are. His oldest brother is and he is his middle brother just got out of the navy. His brothers are pretty awesome. I've met his oldest once at his graduation. His second oldest brother is funny he's pretty cool I feel like a really lucky girl to have all of this. I love my soldier with everything i have.
CulinaryChick CulinaryChick
18-21, F
Jul 14, 2012