A Little "pick-me Up" For You Gals.


You CAN do this!
This was NEVER meant to be easy.
But what is the fun of life being easy? You have to have a little mishaps.
Like Bob Ross said. There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.
Remember He needs you there, even if he doesn't act like it.
Everything does happen for a reason. The twist the reason won't always come black and white right away. Most of the reasons take time to appear.
People will call your relationship crazy. Screw them they don't know anything. Don't let anyone bring you down!

Never Forget:

Love like crazy. Because with our relationships... You never know when you get say I love you to them. Or Wrap your arms around them. Love like crazy all the time. Because our bond is stronger than most relationships combined.

Remember Again:

There will always be someone that understands your situation.
You are always loved.
They may call us crazy but someone has to do the job right?
They say we are just girlfriends. We are more than that. We are there through thick and thin. We don't have the luxury of being a wife yet. WE are their back bone their rock their shoulder. We are everything that wives are minus the paperwork and pretty ring. So don't let people tell you that oh your just a girlfriend you don't matter. When in fact we do.
YOU CAN DO THIS! Now get out there and give'em hell! =D
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Love it :)

I absolutely LOVE THIS!!!!