He's My Soldier, I'm His Cheerleader

When duty calls, and he must go. I know he needs my support and hope. When deployment comes, and he must leave, and we never know what goodbyes will mean. When his heart is heavy, and he misses home, when he has to go places no other man would go. And when he slowly looses faith and hope. I'm there with an open mind and heart, to prove to him I'll never leave his side. I'll cheer him on, and build him up. And fight like hell when it need be done. Every hero needs a muse, and so I take the vows I do.. Stand for what's right, and stand by you, as your love and true best friend. When war breaks out, I'll be right there with you. Cheering you on, with your dog tags in hand. Cause no matter what baby. We will do this right! For My Soldier.. <3
MissAuthentic90 MissAuthentic90
18-21, F
4 Responses Aug 2, 2012

i love this

this is beautiful

You are adorable! I love this!

Thats the sweetest thing ever.