So, Zach was supposed to come up December 1st, but it didn't happen. He didn't talk to me for two days before then and swore he was gunna be here. I even put in to have to day off work for him. Since I hadn't heard anything from him I went into work anyways. After I got off work he had the nerve to talk to me. I told him I couldn't handle not talking to him and seeing him like this had been going on. It broke my heart that he couldn't tell me before 9 at night he wouldn't be down. I told him maybe we could try after he got out of the army but I'm not sure about it now. I'm really not sure what I want to do period. Would anybody be willing to help me??
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No. He never said why. He just kept saying sorry but sorry wasn't good enough when he promised and swore he would be here. I plainly told him that broken promises always lead to broken hearts. I just don't know if I could ever possibly recover enough to give him another chance. "/

I think we can all understand your frustration and heartbreak. Without a reason why he broke his promise this is really bad form. I don't blame you if it takes you a while to forgive him or even if you decide not to. He needs to give you a real reason.

It is going to take a while. If not forever. "/ I still don't understand why there wasn't a good reason as to why he couldn't come. Knowing the way my relationships end up, he could have been seeing another person.

I am so sorry. That kind of behavior is complete and total bs. Did he even bother telling you why?