Two Weeks..

Hopefully I get to see my soldier in two weeks! He will be graduating AIT at the end of the month, but he might not get a pass..which means I might not be able to see him :( I'm hoping he gets a pass though! We are recently engaged and were planning on getting married on a day pass so that I can move with him to his duty station. All I can do now is hope for the best!

Has anyone been in this situation?
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I am not in a similar situation, but i have a question, well, a few. 1. Where is your man stationed? and 2. Is the AIT graduation the first one you are going to? or did you go to his boot camp graduation as well? My boyfriend told me that in this branch (army national guard at fort benning) they make a bigger deal out of AIT graduation than bootcamp graduation (i have family in the airforce and they go down for bootcamp grad) so Im just confused and i dont want to go to the wrong one!

We haven't gotten his official orders yet. They just changed them this week so were not sure yet. As for graduation I went to his bct graduation. It was an awesome experience. From what my soldier told me his AIT grad will only be like 20-30 minutes. But I've heard from other people that ait grad is just as important as bct graduation. If you get the chance i would try and go to both of them because it'll mean a lot to your man to see that you support him

What base was he at for his BCT? and I would if I could, I am hopefully going to get overtime at work so I'd be able to afford both, but he isn't very in with his family, so I'd be going by myself...I just don't want to do the wrong thing!

Sry to bud in! But at Fort Benning I heard they combine the basic and AIT graduation and that's why itz such a big deal, because my bf is there now and he's going straight to AIT from basic..theres no break in between or anything, and hes army national guard like your bf. So I'm thinking it should be similar...his mom didn't get anything in the mail about there being two separate graduations.

Fort sill.

Yeah some bases do combine the two ceremonies

OHHHH that makes so much more sense now. I am just used to things with the airforce because of family and ive been to that base and all the technical stuff is so different! haha I just get so confused, and that really helps me alot! I knew that he stayed there, I just didn't know that the graduations would be combined, that helped me alot! THANKYOU!


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