Great News And A Little Bit Of Bad Too

So I got three letters this week and each is longer than the last! He is not really the writing type so its super awesome and I LOVE to hear about all the stuff that he is doing! He was able to climb the rope in the obstacle course using only his arms! I'd never be able to do that...actually, I probably wouldn't even be able to climb the rope using my arms and legs...hahaha Anyways! It make me so happy that he is progressing and doing well :)

Even better news! I talked to his commander on the facebook page they have and I found out that they have a family weekend in March and if they earn it, then they can get a 72 hour pass! 72 hours! I did not think that I was going to be able to see him until May, but this fits into my schedule really well and I wrote him telling him that I will probably be able to go to both! (And I'd be driving which would save close to $1000 on the plane ticket and car rental and extra fees for being under 25 all together!) I am so excited that I might be able to see him earlier than planned! I just hope that he will be okay with it and excited too!

Before he left, he didn't think that he would want to write or get letters or anything like that, and I told him that he will probably change his mind because I know how much letters meant to my family and friends when they went through basic. But he didn't think he would change his mind...however, in his first few letters, he just talked about things they were doing and didn't write much either (although I was SUPER happy to get what I got) and the letter I got yesturday he was asking about me and how I was and told me to please let him know what I am up to and things like that! So, even though I don't want him to feel homesick, I am happy that he is realizing that he misses me and that he is starting to appriciate what he left behind more.

Unfortunately, I was told that half of his troop, including him, now have pre-stage pneumonia! The guy who had it first and spread it to the others had to be separated from the rest of the guys! I just feel so bad that I am not there to take care of him. I don't know about you guys, but when my boyfriend gets sick, he goes from being a man to acting so pathetic like a little kid! haha He is so miserable, I just wish that I could be there with him, making him feel better, and taking care of him!
ILoveMyGuardsman ILoveMyGuardsman
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Feb 1, 2013