What To Expect After AIT?

So, Tuesday morning I had to drop my fiancee off at the airport so, he could go to his first duty station (Ft.Bliss, Texas) Ever since then I have been so freaking depressed that it is driving me crazy. So, I just wanted to hear from the girls who are passed AIT that could let me know what to expect..does it get better or no?
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I'm passed the ait phase my boyfriend is stationed in Alaska. It gets better but I'm not goin to lie its hard. But it's worth it in the end. So I'm not goin to give up no matter how far.

Do you know anything about processing?

Processing while in ait?

No, at his first duty station. My fiancé said that he will be in processing for 8 days.

Do you guys plan on being long distance for a while?

Yeah, we joked about getting married but, I think we are just going to wait.

Thats understandable. Me and my boyfriend were gonna get married in july but we pushed it back until january. No need to rush

Exactly but, you guys are only two hours away from each other. My fiancé is 24 hours away but, atleast he is still in the states ig.

Aw man :(

Ik right errr

Well what i plan to do is get a apartment there and he is gonna help me pay the rent. And when we do get married, he will just move in. The only thing is ill be a certified nursing assistant so i can get a job there.

Oh that's nice of him to do that. I was thinking about moving down to El Paso but, I really haven't decided.

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