What a Night

ok last night was one of those night I did not get to talk to David because he did not call. His birthday is today I am feeling like I cant do this any more I love him and I just want to tell him that and then maybe call it off I dont know if it is really want I want I dont think it is I think it is Work and my home life right now that is driving me to this you know.   I am the tip to just dump the good thinks in my life not really know what to do about the bad I dont want to make the biggest mistake you know. 

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3 Responses Apr 16, 2009

Definitely take your time hun... Life can get extra stressful when that one person you rely on most isn't there to keep you standing. Think about how you feel about him. If you love him, and you have a good relationship with him.. don't end it just yet. It's okay to be afraid for him, and we all know what it's like to wonder if we're strong enough for this life... But don't give up just because of the stress. Write him a letter, or an email, or call him and leave him a voicemail to tell him Happy Birthday and you love him. I'm a big fan of pros & cons lists.. make one. :) See on paper just how much he means to you and adds to your life. We're all here for you.. I hope things get a little easier to handle soon!!!

Yes, I agree! Really, really look into your true inner feelings. Do not make a decision based on external factors that are making things difficult right now. Remember, nothing that is happening in our lives is permanant. If you find you still love your Soldier...you need to find support here online or with family & friends. You need to make yourself as strong as possible for yourself. Talk to one of your sisters here every day if possible to talk things through. You will be ok no matter what. You are in my thoughts & prayers as well. <br />
Take care sister,<br />

Don't dump someone you really care about away because things are rough. Try even harder to make them better and make things right. I know how hard it is, please try and stay strong. You have to do what is right for you, just do what feels right. You are in my thoughts and prayers.