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 My boyfriend and I have known each other for six years, but lost contact after the first year we met. We always cared about each other but never really thought the other one would share the same the feelings. i searched for him for two years and never had any luck, then a year later he found me on myspace. I was really excited except that both of us were in relationships. He was engaged and I was in a serious relationship. After that we didn't really talk for about another year, until a few months ago when my relationship had ended and I had just gone through some major surgery. He began talking to me just to catch up and then he opened up to me about his fiance and their problems...I just tried to be there for him and let him know things would work out for them and to be strong. We got to where we would talk every night and we always have been able to open up to each other about anything and everything. I had never felt happier in my entire life but also I was really upset because I really wanted to be with him. His fiance wanted a ten month "break" while he is in Korea until he came home. He broke it off with her completely and later opened up to me about how he had always felt and asked me to be his girlfriend. I have never been happier in my entire life! He completes me, he always has and I knew it six years ago, i'm just sad it took so long and now he is gone. The distance is really tough, especially since we haven't actually seen each other in five years. I love him and I can't wait until he finally gets to come home to see me. He is the love of my life, and I will wait my entire life if it means I get to be with him even if it was only for five minutes. 

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Thank you so much IQuester, you are a really amazing person<br />
hugs xoxoxoxoxoxox

I admire a girl who is faithful against the circumstances. You are a real treasure to be admired and cherished. I hope he knows the value of a girl like you.<br />
I respect our men who do as he does, and above all I honor a girl who stands behind a man who does as he does. This would be a better country if there were more people as you both. I pray he comes home safe and you both share my prayer for you. GOD bless you both and I pray their are many years of happiness for the both of you. I wouold gladly forfiet my life to see this come true, GOD knows I speak the truth. <br />
So to the Children, The grandchildren, To the years of love I give my support. May GOD bless and protect the life you have ahead.

Wow thats so great you got back together! thank you so much : ) He is wonderful, can't wait for him to come home!

distance is always tought my story is somewhat similar we have known each other the last 5 years but lost contact until a year ago and now we are married and he is gone so i know how you are feeling its like you just got him back and he is gone! well good luck!