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hello. i haven't shared my story in this group yet, so i figured i would.. i met george last september at one of his high school soccer games. we started talking on the computer and on the phone once or twice a week. i really started to like him as more than a friend and we eventually started talking every night and started hanging out often. as time went on we both fell for eachother. we did everything together, everyday. not one day went by for 5 months that i didn't see him or talk to him. i knew he had signed up for the military and was scared for the day he would leave but was so proud of him to be doing something so great with his life! we unofficially dated for all of those months until he decided to make it official on the 4th of july (when he came on vacation with me a few days before he had to leave)

he is now at fort jackson, SC for his basic training and i miss him so much. as many of you would know, when your boyfriend leaves, it's SO hard and the change is so drastic. i still get stressed out/depressed about him being gone, but try to look on the positive side and think about seeing him soon and how proud i am of him! he's my baby and i know it's normal to be sad and to be anxious over everything but i am trying so hard to keep my head up and be okay. i have heard from him several times on the phone now :) how nice it has been to hear his beautiful voice.

and writing letters will start next week.. i'm thinking this could be fun! i am excited to write to him and grow closer from this whole experience. i hope that everything will work out and think of this as a challenge that will bring something great into our lives.

i think about him constantly and i know that will never go away, but thinking on the bright side can really make those tears stop for a little while. i trust in God through this all and cannot wait to see my boy and tell him how proud i am to have a united states army soldier as my boyfriend, and bestfriend. :)

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wow what a touching and cute story. I am 16 as well and my bf is 18 and he's at basic training for infantry for the US Army. me and him have been together for a month now and its hard for the both of us. I am proud of him and his decision. He is my baby forever <3 and i am his angel forever <3 this week has been tough but its going to be that way for a little. he will love when you write letters to him. they all are happy after a long day to get mail and smile because it came from us. im sending out my first letter today. Good luck to you and your man. Stay strong :) im in the same situation as you . if you need to talk, im here.

Really cute story, going through the same thing, but I'm almost done with him being in Basic! 11more days until i see him:) Best of luck yo you and your Man:) <3

My best friend have a boyfriend from Army too.. She is planning to leave his boyfriend soon when her boy friend goes for another trip in Afghanistan. This guy want's to marry my best friend but she can't be with him. She was in love but has doubt. He wants to marry her but being wise, she thinks that he is just trying ti tie her with a marriage so that that guy have someone waiting for him when he goes home.<br />
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I understand my best friend. She doesn't want to live all her life in anxiety thinking that her boy friend is in danger very minute, and she thinks he can't have a woman so he is desperate of her because he can't have in the army but as I hear my best friend's stories she have a point that the guy is taking her for granted. It's like giving her money, shelter and things just to let her stay. She even discussed about him not to sign up for the army anymore for the contract has already fulfilled/finished. The guy promised but one day he did sign and broke the promise. The guy loves army and just can't chose my best friend.<br />
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Well as for you, I know your boy friend is far different from this army guy and I wish you luck. and by the way don't worry too much, it would kill your frustrations and make emotions and fight