my boyfriend, brandon, is a specialist. he's currently deployed to Iraq. we met on myspace (haha) about a year ago. it was the beginning of his 15 month deployment. we met when he came home to nc for 18 day leave and were inseperable throughout the 18 days. he now has 3 months left in Iraq, and 10 months left in the army :)

were down to 2 months now (: anddd we're planning a wedding in november (:

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to proudsoldiersSweetheart, if you want to you can add me on myspace/facebook, just to have someone to talk to. i know its rough, my now husband is deploying yet again in june :( my email is princesscandy1505@yahoo.com and if anyone else wants to add me feel free! this deployment will be harder i think because im going to be pregnant and have a new baby during it :/

to proudsoldiersSweetheart, i kno how u fee mine left april first and im a wreck, but im here if u need someone to talk to. and i love this story i met mine on plentyoffish.com it was referred to me by a friend. but im planning a wedding fir july2011

Wow... I met my soldier on myspace too... crazy lol wish you too the best.. How did you do it? Mine just left this week for Afghanistan and I think its the hardest thing Ive ever had to deal with...

haha :] i met my soldier on myspace and we have been goin strong for about a few years now :]

Congratulations! Lucky you, my boyfriend has been there for more than 2 years and there seem no possibilty yet for him to come home. We are planning to get married too, but we don't know when he is coming home. I am really being impatient now, its been a long time and they won't give him few weeks to come home. I will pray for both of you.

Congrats! its crazy how you can meet such amazing guys in weird places. I met mine through the Adopt-A-Soldier program. Congrats and I will pray for him for a safe return

congrats. my boyfriend just started his army journey. hes at basic rite now.