I'm An Army Girlfriend As Well...

i'm living an unusaul life that hardly anyone understands. My boyfriend (now fiance') sprung the news that he was joining the army a week before my 16th birthday and i threw the biggest fit EVER. I have had several issues with the army because well, it involves war and the evil "D" word-deployment.:/ also my grandpa is a vietnam vet and has PTSD. (post traumatic stress disorder) I'm afraid for my fiance' 's life and overall wellfare. I hate it when people tell me to "buck it up" or "be a trooper" I'm worried more than half the time because I live in pennsylvania and my fiance is stationed in hawaii and will leave for deployment in june of this year. I'm scared out of my mind. I don't sleep, I've lost my appetite and i have some gastro-intestinal issues. if there is anyone in this world who knows what i'm talking about, I will feel alot better.

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Hmm... Okay well where to start. I am a Marine Corps wife of an Arty guy (Artillery). <br />
Downbytheriver- I hate to be another person to tell you this but you have to pick yourself up and get on with your life. Yeah, the life of a military wife is hard and yeah it may cause some physical side affects, my husband is deployed and I kid you not, the stress makes my hair fall out. However, my husband doesn't know that. For all he knows, I am awesome, busy and here waiting for the day he comes home. It is their choice to join the military and we as girl friends, fiances or wives need to support them 100%. He can't be worried about you, his life depends on staying focused on his work. <br />
Whitedudedat- I hate to break it to you, but Arty guys are right there in the thick of things. The navy, they stay on the boat, it is called a meu and they aren't aloud off the ship into a combat zone unless something goes terribly wrong. The Marines and Army are all right there in the battle with Air force backing them up and yeah the Navy helps but your order of things isn't correct. <br />
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Just keep in mind that all these guys no matter what branch of the military are very well trained to do their job and their job is to go to war. So ladies, put on your happy voices (at least when they are on the phone), tell them you love them, you support them and that they can count on you to be waiting right here at home for them when they get home!<br />
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~Mrs. Lucas<br />
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Ps. Sorry if this was a bit harsh I just want you all to see the more realistic side of things from someone with first hand experience. I'd love to talk with you if you have more questions or are just having a hard day.

My boyfriend has been in for about 4 monthes, i won't lie to you they do change, but not always for the bad. My boyfriend is a lot more mature about things and i can say has had a personality change, he's alot less lovey-dovey, and sometimes he has crazy mood swings but deep down they always tell you they love you, and no matter what they will always be thereselves down under(: But if you ever need to talk just message me,

OK, Artillery is it, then it should be alright because they just do the back up in battle. The Navy goes first and hits the enemy with tons of fire power, then the Infantry men goes in and does the ground battles, and last the Artillery is there, far away of course, to back up the Infantry men if they get overrun or any other matter. Artillery is less likely to get hurt because their mission is to strike hard and fast, then get away ASAP(As Soon As Possible), so there shouldn't be any problems really.

It is stress. Most indefinetly. I thought i had a parasite a bit back... shoot me an email and i'll tell you more about it. :)

omg i have the same stomach problems!! It started like a week before my bf deployed and now its to the point where i cant eat and am never hungry so i went to the dr and they ran tests bc they thought i had an infection but came back ok i didnt have anything but i still cant eat and if i do i get sick like half an hour later they said it might be stress but im not anymore stressed out than normal anymore. I actually think i am dealing with everything better now. So idk what the heck is wrong but sure would love to eat again...but at least it makes you lose weight lol :P

he's in artillery :) which means he should be behind everything-atleast thats what he says...

My brother got back from the military last and he is still the brother who i love, and so will your fiance <br />
will still be. Although some people who come back after the traumatic experience from the battles they fought, they may experience some side effects and you have to give them time and love to make him be the person he was before. By the way, what field i he going into? Such as Technology, Infantry, medic, etc because those are important information that you need and want to know, and i wouldn't say don't worry about him but believe me, he is more scared of joining the army than you worrying about him.