I Love Getting Tipsy And Flirting

I love to have a few drinks. I feel more free to be who i am. I love to flirt and come onto other men when we are out dancing. My usband loves me to try new things so I am usually more into his ideas after having a few. I have no regrets in the morning!

kellyjon kellyjon
41-45, F
1 Response Feb 10, 2010

You're my kind of woman. My lovely wife would become "touchable" when we were out and she'd had a few drinks. I loved it! Seeing other men want her and she allow them to fondle her lovely *** and boobs was a huge turn-on for me and a huge ego builder. We had a number of MFM ********** but only one with a total stranger, a young fellow that we met at a bar and she wanted to take him home and did. It was an interesting night. He had never ****** a married woman, much less a married woman with her husband right beside them in the bed.