..A Trophy....for Me?

I Have 20 trophies now!

Isn't it so nice to say that?

It at least shows that you have been here for a while!

Compared with Yahoo,This is an Excellent/A.1..site!



Thank you so much to all on E.P!

mzdivine mzdivine
6 Responses Mar 9, 2009

As of today,a slight change!..I now have<br />
<br />
30 trophies!

Thank you,Jojo!...Nice to see someone is reading my <br />
<br />
carry on!

Congratulations! I love reading your stuff! Keep it up and collect 100 more! <br />
XXOO<br />

Hello to you both!<br />
<br />
Not mean! At least you are here!

I have 25.....and I have been on since May.....<br />
<br />
Sorry did that sound mean......

good job friend you stay active i think thats the key to it!