I can't make her happy. Nothing I do is good enough. Nothing she has makes her content. All she sees is what she wants and can't have, and it makes her so sad, that nothing I can do will bring her back.

I can't live with this gloom and doom. I can't go on with my efforts meaning nothing. I can ignore these things personally, but it saps my willpower to keep helping her. There is no reciprocation in this relationship, and that drains me to rock bottom.

The only thing that keeps me going is the deadline I set. Give 100% until then, and if things aren't better, I leave. I did this for myself, to keep me grounded, to let me know that there is an end to this. Maybe it's harsh, maybe I'm being cruel, being a monster for thinking about leaving.

But if I stay, then how much longer before I start to drag someone else down?
BlandSpaghetti BlandSpaghetti
46-50, M
Aug 23, 2014