Another Shy Person Here

My shyness has caused me problems in the friendship and relationship areas:

1) People see I am shy and assume I am some cold, stuck-up person who is full of herself. Based on this they decide to completely ignore me.

2) People try to get to know me, but I need a large amount of time to feel safe, secure and to believe that I can trust them to be a real friend. People either get frustrated with this due to being unable to understand me, or they can be patient and give me my time.

I have only had a few people in my life who have not judged me and have been patient enough to really get to know me, despite those people being very outgoing and confident themselves. Their confidence only makes me feel they deserve even more credit because they do not understand how it feels to be shy and yet they still showed me patience and understanding!

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Mar 25, 2009