I Have Outlived Everybody, Too

I just turned 53 and have outlived my parents, my siblings, and my aunts and uncles. I have no blood cousins. None of my siblings lived past the age of 52. My parents both died in their 70s. I don't try to dwell on this, but I wonder why I am the only survivor (no husband, but two grown daughters) of my family and I cannot help but wonder how much longer I will live. I am active, don't drink or smoke, eat a healthy diet.
It just feels weird to be the "last one." What do you others think about your own circumstances?
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I too feel weird as not only the last one but as to having very few long time friends. Not only is any direct kin gone with the exception of my 2 children now the people who I have known since I was a child are also passing away and I am only 47. Currently I have one person I occasionally am in touch with that I met when I was 10.

That is very sad. Did they die in accidents or illnesses?