Greetings Silverwolves

My name is FangflashR.

Nice to meet you Alpha.




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DeepPurple!<br />
HUGZ Darlin!

trailguide,<br />
Thank you for taking the time to reply.<br />
Lets see, I have had the ponies back here for maybe a month. The weather has been so- so and my energy level low {fibromyalgia}, so I have not been handling the colt much, just making sure they always have thick straw in their lil barn {used to be a storage shed, but I cleaned it out and told ponies it was their new "stall"-heh} And they always have hay to nibble on free choice. It was only last week when I took them out for farrier to trim their feet {he never showed or called} that I realized how bad the colt still is with rearing and pawing. He rears and paws when you are just leading him. It is as if his brain got tweaked by the constant stress of the dog attacks. I guess I will work with him with the stud chain and have him gelded and see how it goes....truthfully, my first thoughts were to get rid of him because he is now one bad hombre. Guess I will give him a lil more time and see how it goes. I sure don't want to get hurt tho...<br />
I know enough to realize when a equine is dangerous, and this one is.<br />
How bad were those dogs at the ranch? When I went to pick up the horses, I had a heavy lead rope with a bull snap on the end. I was twirling the lead rope as I walked toward the corral and a Shephard dog came running up to me growling and baring his teeth. The bull snap just happened to come down on the bridge of the dogs nose and he turned and ran straight over and BIT the girl that lives there! The girl yelled "Mom, that new dog just bit me!" and the idiot woman told her daughter "You deserved it, I saw what you did to that dog!" The woman is a mental case , but I only found out after the fact....

Howlin Wolf!<br />
Oh M&M, I haven't thought of him in years!<br />
How you my friend ?

Oh wow. I feel like whippin this woman's *** too!!! The poor boy was probably fighting for his safety and the safety of his little herd all that time. No kidding he turned edgy and doesn't trust anyone. <BR><BR>How long since he has been back with you...he may need time to chill and learn to trust that all is well again. When you take him out to groom, do you take him out alone or with "his" mare ? Stud chain while handling is a very good idea POE. Most of them respect it...actually so far i haven't met one yet that didn't learn to respect it very quick . Also , i would work with him in a round pen if you have access to one...they learn quick that the only way to get a break is to behave nice. You can always geld him if all fails. What a shame though !<BR><BR>Trust your gut and stay safe my friend...that's the most important part.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

trailguide.<br />
Big trouble here. Last time I went to KY, I boarded my ponies at a ranch that had a pack of big dogs. I asked if they would bother my ponies and was told "No, they don't bother the stock out in the pasture, put your ponies in the round pen by the house. I assumed they would turn my ponies out with the herd the next morning. When I went to pick ponies up 30 days later, they were still in that round pen full of mud with no bedding and no food in there. As I was opening the gait to get my stock, several of those big dogs dashed into the corral and were biting at my ponies. The young stallion reared and struck out with his front hooves at the dogs, keeping the lil mare behind him. The dogs did not stop even tho I waded in and started yelling at them.The woman who owns the ranch barely called them back when I told her to get her dogs away from me and the ponies! When I finally caught the ponies and got them back here, the stud colt never settled back down. Even tho he had never reared or pawed before in his life, he is now in fight mode and rears and paws when I get him out to groom him. Never seen anything like it. Can you imagine what hell those ponies went thru being attacked by dogs for a month? I feel like whippin that womans *** for letting this happen. She made some lame comment like " Oh those ponies do alright against the dogs". We are talking Great Danes and German Shepherds and about a half dozen mixed breeds...the ponies are about the size of Shetlands. I am really bummed out by this. These are the gaited Tennessee Walking ponies I hauled from KY to Cali, and this breed is very rare. What would you do if this was your colt trailguide? He is really rank.(dangerous}. <br />
<br />
I have been thinking of putting a stud chain on the lead rope and carrying a quirt and slapping his legs when he rears and paws out of me. Secondly, I have thought maybe I should get him gelded.Thirdly , I have thought of selling him to somebody who is willing to straighten him out. He is beautiful and gaits smooth as silk. * SIGH *. He will fit in perfectly with the rest of the team. Did I tell you that the Amish are starting the team in pairs this spring? They have them pulling as singles now. AND, I just got a call that a wagon suitable to camp in and not too heavy for my pony team was available.... Caravan here we come! heh

Hi mewold!

Hehe...i like howling a bit here and there too ;)<br />
<br />
Life is good...waiting for the ground to dry so pony and i can hit the trails . How is you?

Great pics as all of yours have been. kudos to you, young lady.

Yes, trailguide, I make no Alpha claims.<br />
Someone called "Silverwolves" started this group and I just thought to come on in and howl a bit. I have yet to meet Silverwolves, but think they may show up sooner or later...<br />
~~~~~<br />
Wooo trailguide, how is life treating you?

Hey POE, i am not the Alpha type but i gladly run with your pack.<br />
Love the image! :) are too kind.<br />

woo ladee54 sighting!<br />
HUGZ darlin...

Hello TheLittlestHobo.<br />
hm..well, seems that someone claiming to be an Alpha started this group, so I waded in to say hello!<br />
{a wolfish greeting} heh

Tis a lovely pic, I wish I knew how to do stuff like that. <br />
Did you do the drawing yourself?<br />
<br />
<br />
(I'm still confused about the group..)

your picture is amazing very wonderful art form thank you for sharing,,,love and light mary