I Am the Light and the Dark, the Beginning and the End of All Things.

Within all of us exist many entities, representing feeling, emotion, state of mind. Most predominant, according to Freud, are the Ego, Superego, and Id. The ego represents your human nature, or conscious thought. The superego is the demeanor you wear as a mask, that face you show to the world. The Id, however, lies below the surface, it is the true nature of man, the sin, vice, avarice, and instinct. The Id, you could say, would be our dark side. Out of such knowledge, I introduce to you my Ego and Id, Breggard Lauffnaur, the Light, and Faran Lucavi, the Dark. Behold the splendor and glory of the Light, swift justice and chivalry. Clad in bright armor, brandishing the Divine Mace in the face of adversity, protected by my shield of Righteousness, I am Breggard Lauffnaur, Paladin, warrior of the Light. Flee now, oh lawless ones, run and hide lest ye perish under my divine wrath, for I am armed with Truth! Thou shalt know me by my Word, for I do not say false, by my armor, which glistens in the light of the sun, by my mace which is the Hammer of Justice, and my Shield which is the Shield of Righteousness. Fly now, and fall now into the Abyss, all those who shalt seek to prey on my and mine! Such is the Light of the world. Seek now the Darkness, embrace it and grow strong. Fear not the sins of your fathers, for they are not yours to bear. Seek not the harsh rays of the light, which seek to expose you and leave you weak. Seek not the fire of the light, which seeks to tear your sight from you, seek not the light, for it is merely a temporary state. The dark was before, and is after, and is now. Fear not the darkness of the night, for it shall comfort you. Fear not the shadows, for in shadows dwell your secrets, safe from prying eyes and ears. Beware those who seek to harm me, for I AM the Night, the Sacred Darkness, justice shall be swift and painful. Whereas the Light destroys swiftly and without pain, the Dark smothers its enemies, thier suffering long and hard. Do not cross me, for I exist in places you cannot find. Seek not shelter in the warmth of the Light, for the brighter that light, the darker its shadow. I am Faran Lucavi, the Dark Knight, I am death, retribution, vengeance, the sword-arm of justice, I am your sin, your shadow, your fate, your life, your love, your dreams, your wants, your desires, I live in each and every one of you. Come to me, take my hand and fly, leave your exposed shell behind, look inwards and make real your fantasies. Thus is the Night of the world. Shun neither, for to deny a one is to deny yourself. You cannot wield only the Light, or it will consume you, just as you cannot wield only Darkness, or you will be enveloped. You must accept all aspects of yourself, only then will you truly live.
Lucavi Lucavi
26-30, M
Jul 22, 2007