Blinded By Judgement

When I blame others for my bad situation I am blinded by resentment.  I want to strike out, and get back at people.  Forgiveness opens my eyes to the beauty hidden behind the mask of my enemies. 

I can only become the light of the world by forgiving others and myself.  This actually starts from forgiving myself.  This is the hardest,  forgiving myself for my own mistakes.  Forgiveness puts me in a fragrant garden of holy grace.  In this garden of holy grace, I can forgive and embrace others.  

Resentment and hatred rule the world outside this garden.  Resentment untempered by forgiveness leads to hatred and violence, as recent events at Virginia Tech graphically illustrate. 

We cannot judge this tormented shooter.  He is a mirror in which we see ourselves.  Our petty resentments pile up and poison our hearts to those we love, and to those unknown children of God that we could be blessed to love if only our eyes were open to their beauty. 

In order to stop the violence that is destroying our world, we must first find peace in our own hearts by forgiving ourselves and our "enemies".

Legislation banning guns is only an external solution that does not address the root of the problem.  We need a higher Soul-ution.  Let us honor a higher law and ban the guns of resentment and hatred from our hearts. 

curtis721 curtis721
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1 Response Apr 19, 2007

Beautifully written, Thank you!!