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   I am a Gorean Master and I am proud to tell you about my 2 wonderful submissives!
The first, had taken my heart so many years ago when we both were so very young. Her name is Carolyn.
The recent, was a few months ago, when this great lady came into my life with her charm, Witt, sense of humor and gentleness. Her name is Tucker.

   Who had ever said that you could not find love right from the start just has NEVER  found someone who could make you think twice about falling in love.
Both are equal in the way I treat them, and they in turn have found a way to not only please me, but to find love in their hearts for each other as well. They now call themselves sisters.this has pleased this Master to no end......

The fact is that as a Goren Master, I am allowed as many submissives as I want, and I have also taken each of them as my personal wife. This in turn gives them both, special things that only I as their Gorean Master can give them.... 

I am so proud to know that both of them love me and all of the problems that come with being a Gorean Master. We are now truly FULL CIRCLE...
                    LIKE MY WEDDING BAND

            NO BEGGINING
             NO END                    
                                                                                                                                                                      MASTER GILEY
                                                                                                                                                                       MASTER Jeremiah
56-60, T
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Thank you, Master Giley and Master Jeremiah. I am both honored and humbled to be publicly acknowledged in this way, Sirs!<br />
<br />
Your obedient wife,<br />