Have Been Told Im Pregnant Due to Ivf

Hi my name is Renee and am cureous on a few things, I have had my first blood test after the IVF cycle and have been told im pregnant, but they want to make sure everything is ok in a couple of days by having another blood test, I feel really on edge at this point of time ive told all my friends and family im pregnant I just hope its all good news on Tuesday. Did you go through a similar feelin like me? Once this next blood test is over I think I will feel much more at ease. I will admit I have been wrapping myself in cotten wool though as it will be my first child.

Look forward to hearin a response

Renee2 Renee2
1 Response Feb 22, 2009

Congratulations, Renee:)! I've had two little girls with IVF - the beginning is the hardest. After your initial pregnancy test, you will have another one in about 3 days. The doctors want to verify that it's a successful pregnancy and that your beta is responding. About a week after that, you will have another pregnancy test and an ultrasound where you will see the start of your baby. A week after that, you will see and hear the peanut's heartbeat. Etc..etc.. until you are released from your clinic at 8 weeks pregnant.