I'm a Mother!

When I wrote "I am the mother of a beautiful baby boy" lots of other groups came up that were similar. I chose to keep my name though because I believe being a mother of a boy is completly different from being the mother of a girl. My son is wonderful. Though he's only 11 months hold, he's already changed my life in so many ways. Every day he changes, every day he's a different kid. I wake up sometimes and wonder how much of the little baby I loved yesterday will be gone and how much of a little boy I am getting today. One month ago all he could say was dada and he only had two teeth. Now he has seven teeth, can say mama, dada, baba, and he took 5 steps on saturday. Insane. He's already crazy and daring and so heartbreakingly independant. He wants to try and do everything himself. The only time he wants me is when he wants me to breastfeed him!!!!! Just like a man. There is nothing like being the mother of a little boy!

BehindMyMind BehindMyMind
22-25, F
Aug 20, 2007