My Son Is Apparently Gifted

I am no dummy, don't get me wrong, but I would not what someone would call intelligent. Smart, yes. Intelligent......probably not.

How did I get blessed with this miracle of a child? I know all parents believe their child should be or is the most.......(whatever you want to fill in here). I am not be dillusional, my kid can be a brat, he has an attitude like his mother, and will probably never be on a championship sports team.

We knew something was up when he was 18 months and said "what's that" at some letters on my husband's pants. We should have paid more attention when he was 36 months old and knew all of his letters and most of his numbers, but hey we are first time parents and thought all kids were like this, right?  We probably should have investigated further when he was reading beginning readers independently by 4.

His school then decides to tell us they believe he might be gifted because he is already conversational in his second language class, when that should start happening in third grade, not kindergarten. 

I have looked up everything I can about gifted children and think nah, that can't be my kid, but then told by his First Grade language teacher that she is impressed how she can explain a new concept one day and the next day he comes in and it is fully understood. 

I am not having dreams of him curing cancer or developing the next big thing, but I am reminded everyday that there are still things in this universe that are a mistery.  How can a mom of just above average intelligence and a dad with average intelligence create this unique package?  Smart people have smart kids....right?  Well, aparently not. 

Now, just to find ways to challenge him that are interesting...........

AlwaysOverwhelmed AlwaysOverwhelmed
36-40, F
Sep 22, 2012