Mother Of One Molested Child And One Not But Suffuerd A Great Loss Too;

Where do I begin ? I was married for about 13 years and he was my oldest stepfather but had raised her as his own, little did i know he had been molesting her for many months and for favors of chores that kind of thing my youngest caught on to something wasnt right and on our anniversery my youngest couldnt hold it in any longer no matter how much she loved her dad., we all did.. But after years and years of his controlling behavior and bipolar disorder i never would have quessed this.. well i was hit like a ton of bricks , my daughter had been molested and by no other than the man i loved. NO greater pain i had ever felt , well its been almost two years now and i cant seem to move on i feel i have lost everything , happiness my children has no father and my youngest has bipolar just as her dad and she is very abusive toward me after watching him all those years and she misses him dearly even though she is angry at what he did to her sister . I mean i just dont know which way to turn anymore , the trial finally is set for a couple of months away and all i want is him to admit what he did, he failed his lie dectector test and my daughter has passed all of her foresenc interviews , i mean i just was hoping and praying that he could admit to this and do the right thing , we live in a small town and we are like outcasts because its just hard for people to believe that he could do what he did. i say  well how do they think i feel ? i was married to him and loved him with all my heart until he hurt my baby. so my question is how do i ever pick up the pieces and move on ? will i ever be happy again. and why >>>> just why >>> does this hurtful sick thing exsist ?
  so confused and hurt ......................................................................
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1 Response Jul 19, 2010

I have no idea why a person can hurt a child and especially in this manner. It is a sickening feeling to know the man you love and trusted has caused such pain to your child. We all make mistakes and the first thing you should do is to forgive yourself. Days seem dark and it takes many moons for the light to shin on you. If you take care of your daughter's mental and emotional well being, she will be better in the long run. First you have to take care of yourself at the same time. You too should consider therapy. It's one way to help you mentally organize all of these unthinkable facts. You will find happiness again, but first you have to be happy with yourself. Take pride in knowing you are doing the right thing by taking steps to ensure your daughter will begin to heal and to help her build her confidence. Time is a healer of this type of deep pain. I know. I've been there!