My Son Has Been Diagnosed As Parapelgic Because Of A 94 Year Old Man!

My 27 year old son was hit on October 1,2012 and is still in the hospital! He was hit when he was on his motorcycle sitting at a stop light getting ready to turn, when a 94 year old man was trying to beat the red light and T-boned my son on his motorcycle. My son's injuries include a brain injury(yes, he had on a helmet), broken leg, shattered left wrist (now in cast), fractured vertebrates, collar bone, severed or partially severed spine ( have been told 2 different things) and other little things. He is supposedly paralyzed from T4-T12. Two rods were put in back because those areas were knocked throughout his body. Now on top on everything else he has a pressure sore/bed sore that is staged 4 and now in a fluidzed therapy bed that is supposed to help that heal and a vacuum on the wound for healing. All of this is so much to see your child, no matter how old they are, to go through. I have been at the hospital everyday since this happened and it really is hard for me to see him see him going through this. He also has a baby, that I am not sure he really remember because of his brain injury. She was 2 months old when this happened. Because of this 94 year old man, my sons life and his family and friends have been forever devastated by this hell he and we are going through. I could go on and on about all the issues. I should have probably wrote down all the things we have been told and seen with him-but there just is not enough time in my day. I also have a son that is 12 years old. I have also been going through cancer with my husband this year (last chemo was 2 weeks ago) and a sister who was in ICU earlier this year(she is fine now). I am not sure why I have not gone crazy- but I just keep plugging. Please pray for my son here in OKC. Ok. He is at OU Medical. If anyone is going through any of the things I was writing about and has any suggestions- please comment back to me!! Also keep any elderly people you know in check to make sure they are capable enough to be driving. I know it is easier said than done-but otherwise the results could be devastating!! Thank you for your time and consideration!!

Broken Hearted mom in Oklahoma
cskohout cskohout
46-50, F
Nov 27, 2012