Loving A Special Needs Child ~ Our Journey ~

I was 22 when I was blessed with my lil Angel Mariha  (Mariah).
She was born perfectly fine, healthy & beautiful....

After our first WIC appointment, when we got home she seemed to have gotten a cold, (or so we thought) she was crankier than usual..
(she was a colic baby)

This COLD lasted for almost two weeks, when she stopped waking up for feedings, and became really lethargic, I took her to her pediatrician,

In his office she began to have a seizure; he ran her to his own car,
and took her to Stamford Hospital, she was only a few weeks old.
She stopped breathing without being stimulated, I told the doctors
to please keep stimulating her... they did at the hospital.

Unfortunately the hospital did not have the equipment to keep her alive,
so they shipped her off to Yale New Heaven Hospital.
 I could not ride in the ambulance with her, that scared me very much because...
 I did not have a car at that time and they were taking my precious lil girl...

In the ambulance they stopped stimulating her, and she passed away 2x!
they resuscitated her, then believed me when I had told them to stimulate her!

Yale New Heaven is a superb hospital, I owe them my daughters life...
even though for almost 2 months they were telling me to say good bye,
and make her last moments special, they did not give up on her..

I stayed on a couch in the waiting room, they tried to get me in
 to the Ronald McDonald house, but I refused to be that far away from my baby!

Well apparently my daughter caught spinal meningitis, & blood went up her spine, & into her brain... she was one of the lucky ones, who had it for so long, and survived! after all was said and done, it left her with the condition of severe cerebral palsy and brain damage, Grand Mal seizures.

Meningitis is airborne like the flue, and any one can come in contact with it.
It sickens me that she got it in the HEALTH DEPARTMENT, I know it is because they did not separate the infants coming in for WIC, with the really ill people who go to the health department because they need help.  It jeopardizes the health of newborns obviously!

I never took a stand on it, I regret that now, but the most important thing to me
was that my lil girl was going to live! & I was going to be able to see her smile.

So that is the beginning of our journey.

MissMamaLiz MissMamaLiz
1 Response Jul 28, 2010

Bless you and all your family. When I start to feel down about our situation, God tells me to look around. I know she is your joy and you love her very much. I agree that there should be a better way to protect healthy babies and kids from illnesses caused by the sick.