She Is So Sweet!

I know that most mothers will say this about their kids, but my 2 year old daughter did the sweetest thing yesterday!

I took her with me to the doctor.  I had to go get my depo shot.  While I was sitting in the chair talking to the nurse, my daughter noticed the needle.  She looked at me in horror!  She hates getting shots, what kid doesn't?  I looked at her and said that she wasn't getting it, but mommy was getting a shot.  She then put her little hand in mine and held it while I got the shot. 

My heart melted!  It was so cute!  I told my mom about it later and she said she was about to cry, because I guess it melted her heart too.  I have to say I am the luckiest mother in the world.

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I know your daughter is cute but listen to this:<br />
I am not prejudiced or anything, but my granddaughter is just a little bit cuter, sweeter, nicer, smarter, smells better, cuter, cuter, cuter cuter . . . Oh, she is a very very very good little girl. Like I said, just because she is my granddaughter doesn't mean I am prejudiced for her. She IS the best little girl in the whole wide world. That's the truth.

awwwww! that is so sweet! my daughter hates to see me cry for any reason and always cuddles up with me or gives me a hug and starts to get really sad moods always affect her as well