My Boys Are My Life

I had my oldest when I was 15. I wasnt around much until he was like 3. I hate myself for not being there for him. I gave up another son when I was 18 because I was still wild & unable to care for another child. I dont regret it, its the best thing I could've done for the baby, my other child & myself. Within the next 3 years after that, I decided to get married. That was the biggest mistake I have EVER made. We are divorced now & the only good thing that came from it was my youngest son. My kids are my life. I do anything & everything to raise them right. I am always there for them. I would do whatever it took to make them good men, not like their fathers!
skwyrlnuttbaby skwyrlnuttbaby
26-30, F
Jun 15, 2007