I am the Night

She had come for the Christmas holidays - a cousin from Australia sent over to the uncle and aunt's house while her parents sorted out a messy separation.

She was a goddess, 18, tanned, dirty blond, green eyes and Aphrodite's body carved from the sun and surf of Australia's Gold coast.

One night I was taking the trash out when I saw the light of the next door neighbours garage flat come on...they had built a self contained unit out back complete with shower - perfect for visiting family.

As I noticed the light I caught a quick flash of naked skin pass the slightly open side door - goddess be praised SHE was taking a shower.

I froze for a second not knowing what to do then suddenly I remembered the tree in the adjoining property which we as kids would climb noting cheekily we could see into the shower of our next door neighbours garage flat.

I snuck around climbed the fence separating our properties and ninja'd my way silently up the tree all the while hearing the soft lilting voice of a naked woman singing sweetly in the shower...suddenly there she stood, wet, curving, soft, beautiful beyond the vocabulary of a 13 year old boy made speechless by sight alone.

My breathing came easy even though my heart was racing in the olympic final of the 100 meters sprints.

I felt like a naughty god, all knowing, all seeing, completely invisible from her mortal eyes.

She was simply a stunning, sexual manifestation of every boyhood fantasy I had ever had...

Even more beautiful in her nakedness as any of the women displayed photogenically in the centerfolds of an older brothers playboy magazines stuffed secretly, sacredly under his mattress.

Her glass shower stall hid nothing from my penetrating god-sight.

Every stroke of her hands upon her lathered body was met with my own. Every curve of her body was mirrored by my own. That night, in that moment, I made my own arc of a covenant between body becoming man, fantasy releasing boyhood and soul searching sexual emancipation from the shackles of innocence.

Every waft of scent stolen from her evaporating body perfume transfixed my senses with sanguine joy mingled with the sweaty heat of my own hormonal ardor.

Her bold outline formed the universe in which radiant love-lust escaped the pit of my being - she was the star and I was the night who embraced her...she exploded lightening and thunder upon the landscape of my boyish dreams - I followed her nature song with my own silent volcano erupting whole pure sacred...

When I came to my senses she was gone from the bathroom shower, gone from the garage unit, and little did I know soon to be gone from my life, never to be seen again but never forgotten. 

She left early the next day returning to her life...unaware she had caused a cosmic shift in my universe.

Out of that tree of life a star burst of forbidden voyeurism transformed a boy and propelled him closer to manhood made manifest in the sexual rites of passage upon the altar of the goddess called woman...

every time I gaze up at that tree of life I remember my goddess and know that I am the night.





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She was magnificent mysticRage...what a memory, what a woman, what a goddess...stolen and worn in my crown of life experience whose jewel I admire from the nostalgic distance of time, space and grace...<br />
<br />
love and light MYSTIC<br />

yes I was innocent once...

That was a beautiful story... How cool...So sweet and innocent.. Wow...

ae ra he wahine purotu e noho mo ake tonu atu i taku maumahara

wahine ataahua ne ?