Well I haven't visited this site for a while because I have been busy trying to figure stuff with the MM. Well we never really did a, break we kept seeing each other and at one point we were with each other daily and he slept over as well. Then the unimaginable happened, I met a single man :) We hung out yesterday and he is well aware of my situation but is really interested in dating me. I told him I'm interested as well but I need to close a couple of doors first. I'm still married but separated and I still love my MM. I told my single guy I want to close these doors so I can give us an honest try. He understands I just hope I don't mess stuff up with single guy because I'm dealing with the MM.
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

Get rid of the married man as soon as possible. You have the world ahead of you especially with a man who is devoted to only you. You will be so happy!!