The Eldest Of 3

I am the eldest of 3 girls in my family.

When my father died (I was 11), my mom turned to alcohol for a while.  That was fun.  She would get so angry.  She threatened to push me over the banister once b/c I called her out on letting her ability to function as mom out.  She was slipping. 

We moved.  She returned to work.  Still drank at night.  On time, we got in an agrugment of her stealing $400 from me.  She took a belt and swung it buckle first at me.  It missed me, but hit the wood molding around the door frame.  A splintered piece came off and cut right below my eye.

She worked hard though.  And summers with her working were rough.  I was 11 our first summer with her back to work.  Guess who's job it was to take care of my 2 little sisters all day?  Mine. 

I was the eldest of three girls.  I grew up fast.  Responsibilities and all.

It took a long time for my sisters and I to all like each other.  When you aren't the mom, but are placed in the role of care-giver, it definitely takes a toll on relationships.

Today I love them dearly and consider them to be my closest friends.


ShatteredOne ShatteredOne
1 Response Jul 24, 2010

I feel do bad for you. I am older then my step sister and your right the oldest seems to be the one that has the most responsibilities. Take care