The Oldest Of A Large Family

Hello -
Im the oldest of a large family, and so worried about not having the perfect opinion that even here I've used a diff't screenname than I normally use and don't even want to give specifics on family size! (thought I'll say more than 10). How sad is that???? My main beef right now? Being the oldest as an adult! As a kid I dealt with it, kinda liked being the boss and in charge, always being the "good" one. My parents were good about allowing me to have a life as a teen and I was always quite active at school.
But as I headed into adulthood that is where Im finding my challenges. No one stops to consider that I may have needs too. Im always expected to be the strong one, the reliable one etc. But do I get calls just asking how I am? nope, just if someone needs something. Right now the problem is the younger ones wanting to be considered "equals" by the older ones. Really??? you're 19 yrs. old. You really think you have the same maturity as I who have been married over a decade and have multiple children of my own?
OH and you want me to pay attention to you? You want me to come to all your stuff, to cheer you on? That's what parents are for! Im here living my own life, trying to give what time I have to my own kids. It's not my fault mom and dad chose to have a bunch of kids after me. Of course I love them all, but really this expectation of us oldest as surragate parents is getting real old.
overburdened overburdened
Sep 25, 2012