Sometimes I Want to Feel What Its Like Having An Older Sibling...

I'm the oldest, and most of the time I need to fill in the task of looking after my younger siblings when our parents are not around. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by everything. Even at a young age, I had to look after them a lot so I regret not being able to experience how much fun being a kid back then was. I always had to look after them.

I just wonder at times how it would feel having someone look after you  instead of you having to look out for them all the time.  It  just gets tiring sometimes, especially when they tell you you're not their parents when you talk to them if they do something wrong. It just frustrates me sometimes. My parents gave me that responsibility to look after my younger siblings when they are not around and as the oldest I know it the right thing to do, but when you're told by your sisters to stop looking after them, its just frustrating. Its just you don't really want to, its instilled to you by your parents, and whether you like it or not, you can't help looking after them even when they push you away...

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Iv been a only child and Iv had a older sibling.<br />
He left because of family problems,but there is always some reason why they all have their problems.

It sucks being a younger sibling too, and being bossed around by your older sisters. Bossed around as well as teased, chased, and ridiculed. Being the younger sibling doesn't make problems go away either: being a kid is always hard.