Can Be Hard....

I'm the oldest of 7 children. Wow...there are a lot of kids in my house. Well I didn't grow up being the oldest of 7. I have (ready for this, you might have to read this part more then once lol) 2 half sisters that have a different dad, one half brother with a different mom, another half brother with a different dad (half brother and sisters have the same dad), and 2 step sisters that have the same dad but different moms. Lost yet??? My mom refers to our family set up as the brady bunch on crack. (Nice way of putting it huh lol) Anyway, I didn't meet the half brother with a diff mom til he was 7 and the 2 step sisters have only been around for about 4 years now. So a grew up being the oldest of 4.

Before my mom got remarried I was pretty much mom to my younger siblings. My mom wasn't around much...she said she was just too depressed to deal with her life. So I took over. I wasn't about to let my younger siblings go without...not if I could help it. It was hard though...sometimes too hard. I was in high school all except for the last year I lived with my mom. So on top of having school I had 3 kids that I need to care for. That ment enforcing rules, keeping them from killing each other at times, giving them chores, making them get thier homework done, helping with homework, taking them to a from friends house, knowing thier friends and how to reach them when they were over there, cooking all thier meals (except for what they ate at school), making sure they all got in the tub at night, making sure they all got to bed on time, and getting them up on time in the mornings and getting them ready for school. Not to mention cleaning house, doing laundry and all that stuff.

So being the oldest can be really hard. Especially when responsiblity is dumped on you that shouldn't be.

pepsi21addict pepsi21addict
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Oct 31, 2007