Oldest Of Five

I am my father's oldest child. I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters. The oldest (after me) is seven years younger, the next is ten years younger, the next is twelve years younger and the last is fifteen year younger than me. I always wanted siblings when I was growing up. My mom was at the end of the child-bearing spectrum when I was born so there was no hope of getting any siblings from her. My dad and his wife are younger. I don't live with them but I see them whenever I can. In some ways it is an ideal situation. I get to have little siblings, my children will get to have aunts and uncles but I don't have to live with the daily annoyance of little brothers and sisters. In other ways I wished I lived with or at least near them. I missed all the births except my youngest sister. I miss birthdays and other big events and sometimes people get confused when I suddenly show up in their small town with this some what well known (in the town) family. There is a photo of all four of them hanging in the kitchen, I'm not there. But still my step mom does have a photo of all of us kids on her desk at work. I love being a big sister when I am with them. I take great delight when they remember me when talking about their family, though i am notably left out of most drawings the elder of my sisters draws. I was overjoyed the other day when the baby (who turns two today) turned to me and said, "You're the big sister."

I love my siblings: Eli, Ava, Ulysses, and Mae. My littles forever 

mochabean234 mochabean234
18-21, F
Feb 18, 2010