Oldest of Six.

My mom has two kids, other than me.  My dad has three, other than me.  They split up when I was a baby, so I am their only child together.

I have three brothers and two sisters.  Ages:  16, 12, 4, 3, 1.5.  Consequently, responsibility is my middle name.  I never had to be responsible for my 16 year old sister, since she is only three years younger than me.  But for my twelve year old brother, I have always been a second parent to him, because his father died when he was four.  I have been his babysitter, he's never had another one.  I help him do his homework, he calls me when he is going to hang out with friends after school, he asks my permission on things.  Often, I sign his permission slips for field trips and just tell my mom to give him the money.  Sometimes I give it to him.

With my four and three year old brothers, I have had a large part in raising them, I even had custody of them at one point.  I really don't have too much of a typical sibling relationship with the younger three, more of a caregiving, motherly relationship.  They don't live with me, but I babysit them often.  In order for me to spend time with them, it means alot of work and giving care.  It's not like with my oldest sister or brother, where our mom took care of their bottles and diapers and overall safety.

Being the oldest sibling, I've noticed, in most cases means you are a "mini-parent".  A lot of the household responsibility falls on your shoulders, especially in a single parent household.  But we hardly ever get the recognition.

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Being the oldest andbhelping to raise the young ones is not easy but it is so rewarding. I miss them young years now that my little one is now 19 a nurse and living on her own while helping our sister to raise her boys

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Yeah I like teaching the kids how to use the computer.<br />
<br />
I taught my three year old brother how to pull up spongebob videos on the computer.<br />
<br />
Oh, yeah, well... A million dollars would be nice. But I just have alot of respect for myself.

I taught my little 6yo cousin a little about how to use a computer for art, It was pretty fun.

p.s. I'm more surprised that you wouldn't go for the million dollar deal since It seems to me that It could help you out alot.

Yes, it has definitely been a learning and growing experience. At least now I know what to do when I have my own children.

That's awesome that you can do that. I'm very impressed that you can shoulder so much responsibility. I'm also a little jealous, I've never had any younger siblings and my elder brother is significantly older than me so we were not close. I don't think It's fair that your parents have given you so many burdens but I bet you've learned a lot from it and can now take on pretty much anything.