But This Time I Need Advise...

So, I have traveled all 52 states, even been outside of the country like Paris, Amsterdam, London, Bermuda ect... I published a book but haven't made any money with it. I have no degree, and I am down to my last $1000.00. I am 28, and crashing at a boyfriends house, who is nice in all, but a bit too nice... I just basically want to be independent, have a career with minimal schooling but I didn't want to ask anyone that I know because they would give me biased advice.... I just need some fresh ideas... I am outgoing, energetic, with sales and tremendous people skills... Any ideas how to start a decent life from scratch and a grand? I am open to moving to any state.... Thanks in advance!
SweetButLazy SweetButLazy
26-30, F
1 Response Oct 7, 2010

There are many opportunities for people with energy... Just get up, get dressed, put one foot in front of another and talk to businesses you may be interested in--e.g., restaurant, catering, wedding consultant--use any and all past experiences and filter out those you loved to do--social and business skills. Use your very rich imagination and you can do it!