"prediction." Read Me Please And Go Green! Save The World!

I live in a country popular of supenatural things (ghosts,voodoo, and all that supernatural stuff). A while ago a popular fortune teller(God rest her soul) said that the world is not going to come to an end but there will be lots of disasters caused by global warming in 2012 that will kill 60% of mankind in the world. Before she died she said that we should do good things before it would happen. And I was thinking " probably so we could go to heaven". I believed it because nearly all her prediction came true.. I felt so very scared that I didnt know what to do. I'm a christian and shouldnt believe that stuff...but all I was thinking was how could I die before going to uni, seeing the world, having a career, get married and make my own family. I know one day we would all die, but I cant take the fact that I will die because mother earth cant cope with us. Then I read this comic book I bought(I'm a fan of comic books) Its called "Lead my future" It was about a girl who was an ex-fortuneteller(T) sent by the next fortune teller to kill the other kingdoms fortuneteller(G) because they felt that G is a threat because he can make bad fortune turn into good. Then T went to kill G and they caught her before she could. She knew that she would be killed if she didnt kill G or went back to her kingdom. T said that it was her fate that she would be killed so they should go on and kill her. The head guard of the fortune teller(R1) who caught her told her that that bad foretell ends here, she will not die. Work here with him and she will find her reason to live and that is his prediction. Then T asked if he was a fortune teller. R1 said That that wasnt foretelling or prediction but it was hope! Predicting and fortune telling was one way of telling the future. Humans, mankind are the ones who create it. This is G's thinking and it is R1 and R2's who are G's guards work to fullfill it. And I thought wow I found the answer in a comic book...And I think I found the popular fortune teller's point of view, I think what she meant to tell us was do something before it actually happens, at this rate, the amount of polluting and causing global warming it could happen, so that we wouldnt say after it happened "I knew this would happen, I should have done something to stop it." I wish I could spread the word out to my country but here they care more about a singer whose career got sabotaged by someone stealing and spreading his **** videos of him. They think that kids should be protected by taking the issue away from them. I really dont like that...Thanks for reading I really hope you go green and save the world. Love Minari.
Narisato Narisato
18-21, F
Aug 1, 2010