Should I Tell My Brother

I was just wondering if I should tell my little brother (hes seven) that I am a werewolf because I think he could possibly be one too. He is capable of doing everything I can inclueding running on all fours (hands and feet), barking, howling, growling, etc. Im not sure if I should wait till hes older or tell him now. Leave a suggustion below on what you think I should do. Thanks in advance.
EmberPaw EmberPaw
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3 Responses Sep 15, 2012

I agree with blue too he is to young to unstand what you are and he might be just for a little while~cheza

i agree with blue you should wait if you dont hes gonna tell everyone and thel tease you

Wait til he's older cause chances are when you tell him he's a werewolf he's gonna go to school and tell everyone he knows and then a hunter might find out. So i would wait til he's 12 or 13, olde enough to understand and take it seriously

thanks every suggestion means alot to me. Hunters were one think I didnt think about, thanks for reminding me.

Your very welcome