My New Carreer Choice

When I started my first job, at the age of sixteen, I became a cashier at a grocery store. It was okay at first but as the years went on, I noticed that the guys had more of a fun time. I hated being the girl that sat at the cashier stand, waiting for customers to come her way. I wanted to be the person who stocked shelves. Though, now that I look back on this, stocking shelves wasn't the greatest of jobs either. The guys on the floor got to choose the creates to bring out and stock, use the pallet jack and they seemed to have a better time than the poor little helpless cashiers. When the store was dead, and there were two of us little cashiers on, by accident of course, I went to go help the guys but I was told by the assistant manager that I wasn't allowed to stock shelves because he thought they were to heavy for me to lift. I was shocked and a little annoyed but what could I do? I was a little cashier. I couldn't do anything but say to myself that I would never be put in that position again.

    After a couple of years of that hell. I started to work in my parents plant as a machine operator. I was the only girl there and I got completely harassed.  Most of the guys there thought I couldn't do the job cause I was female. They thought I was slow. Well, I did show them. After six years, I learned not only how to operate the machinery but how to fix it properly, I trained others, and I could pump out the most product in a single hour. I was finally one of the guys.

    Due to being laid off, I got hired at another factory.  I  was a sander.  It was  the easiest job there. I started there not knowing anything at all. I was told not to lift the product because it was to heavy for me. Yeah, I heard that before but this time I didn't listen at all. I kept doing what I was doing and finally they took me seriously.

    Due to being laid off again, I went back to my parents workshop. As I was there, I took a forklift course and I am now a certified forklift operator. Most of the truck drivers are amazed that a girl can drive a fork lift. I am amazed that most of the truck drivers are married with that kind of attitude! I was the top in my class of all men. It was a nice victory against all the men in my past telling me I can't do this because of my gender.  This is one of the things that I am very proud of.

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3 Responses Aug 9, 2007

Thanks! I completely agree! We have to show them who's boss!

It's always great when we show those kinds of men up. They can never do it half as well as a woman!!! Great Job!!!

Great story!!! It's a shame you keep getting laid off, given that you're clearly excellent at what you do, but at the same time, it's a huge testament to your character and your self belief that you just keep coming back, picking up a new skill and mastering it despite everyone else! It's quite inspiring! :D (And I loved your comment about the truck drivers!)